Set in the foothills of the beautiful Cascade Mountains, this property boasts 2,185.2 acres m/l. Peoples Company in collaboration with the Lakeland Agency is proud to offer this exceptional property as a whole or in three individual estates through an Absolute Online Only Auction. Picturesque views overlooking the Columbia River provide a panoramic scene of the Cascade Mountain Range. Bordered by state and conservation land, Cascade View Properties feature countless pine trees, lush deciduous vegetation, and dense native grass which serve as a superior habitat to support abundant wildlife including mule deer, upland game birds, and elk.

Approximately 550 acres are suitable for crop production, supplying a reliable income stream as well as a quality food source for the wildlife population. In addition to onsite recreation, proximity to Lake Chelan, Lake Brewster, and the Columbia River areas provide ample sport, pleasure, and thrill-seeking opportunities. Cascade View Properties offer an idyllic venue to relax and appreciate the beauty of the scenic Lake Chelan Valley.

Tract 1

The Campbell Property consists of approximately 672 acres m/l located in the rolling forested hills of Douglas County with picturesque views overlooking the mighty Columbia River and snow-capped Cascade Mountains. Bordered by nearly 1,000 acres of Washington State land and containing many pine and deciduous vegetation species, this property has great habitat to support abundant and diverse wildlife such as mule deer, upland game birds, moose, and elk. This property is accessed from Whitley Canyon Road along the northern edge of the tract.

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Tract 2

The Housden Property consists of approximately 1,073.2 acres m/l of scenic rolling hills with an estimated 300 acres m/l that are currently farmed on a wheat/canola rotation. The balance of the property contains native grasses that support wildlife and recreation. Surrounded by large private conservation landowners and state lands, this property offers exclusivity and privacy with unobstructed views of the Cascade Mountain range and excellent building site opportunities. This tract is accessed from Central Ferry Canyon Road.

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Tract 3

The Sugarman Property consists of approximately 440 acres m/l with an estimated 218.5 acres m/l that are currently farmed on a wheat/ canola rotation. The tillable acres provide a source of income in addition to an abundant food source for the wildlife. The balance of the property contains native grasses and pines providing habitat for various wildlife species. This property is accessed from an established easement off Central Ferry Canyon Road.

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Below is an interactive map of the Cascade View Farms properties in Washington. There are several layers to the map that can be turned on and off using the layer tool at the right. Feel free to zoom in and out as well, and explore the different aspects of this property.

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